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Competition Closed

How does the competition work?

  1. Make your payment first -  then fill in the entry form and answer the question.
  2. Max of 550,000 paid entries. 
  3. The competition is based on answering the maths question.
  4. If you have any questions please look at the FAQ or you can email or call. If you have any problems or we have not made something clear enough, please email us and we will have a look at it. Thanks.
  5. Always refresh your page in case anything has changed. Refresh by holding down shift and hitting return.




When is the closing date?
The closing date for the competition is May 18th.  

What happens when the winner is decided?
The winner will be brought to the castle (within 1 month/hopefully within  1 week but as we have International entries there may be people that can't get away within the week) at my expense. They will spend a couple of days here and get to know Orchardton Castle. If for any reason they cannot take up the prize, we will agree another prize for them and the competition may be re-drawn.

Will it need a lot of work?
This depends what you want to do with it. if you want to gold plate taps and re-decorate every square inch - then it will cost some money. However, if you just want to move in and use it - you will find it already has full central heating and was already refurbished in 2016. It can be used for so many purposes, it depends whether it is to be a business (and what kind) or a home as it is now.
It as featured in a TV programme, where they actually set things up to look bad that were not even real.  I was  rather misguided to get involved, especially as it was worth a lot more than the programme was touting and they played it down accordingly.  Bear in mind that most TV documentaries are there for entertainment value and should not be taken too literally. Just ask anyone who has been involved in one.

What are these mini competitions?
Mini competitions will run over the next 2 months, until the competition ends.  All entries into the mini competitions are still included in the main competition. We use these to build awareness about the charities and causes we are promoting.
Don't forget to refresh your page.

How do I enter Internationally?
Just go to or click here. 

How do I know this is a real competition?
You can call Susan, look her up on Facebook. Her number is on the site. Email her. She is on the electoral register and a member of the CIOJ. The competition is now available Worldwide where permitted.

How can I enter the competition?
To enter successfully you need to answer the question(s) by completing the Online Entry Form with the payment of 5.00 pounds sterling, $7 and  €6 (EURO - THIS CHANGES DEPENDENT ON CURRENCY CHANGES) for international payment or by post in an envelope with a cheque or on a post card for free entry.  
Make sure you add your name and tel number and email so that you can be identified on both your entry form and your payment. 

Can I enter the competition more than once ?
You can enter as many times as you like. You only need to answer the question(s) once unless you want to answer it again. Your amount of entries is determined by how much you pay. Free entries must be on a postcard  and have the details of the competition and your details. 1 post card per entry . Free entries we supply for multi-buy competition entries are automatically entered and you do not need to send them on a post card.

What happens when the winner is decided?
The winner will be brought to the castle (within 1 month/hopefully within  1 week but as we have International entries there may be people that cant get away within the week) at my expense. They will spend a couple of days here and decide whether they want the castle or they would prefer a cash prize.

How will the Winner be contacted if he/she wins?
We will contact you by e-mail, telephone (we will try this first) or post through the contact details which were received when the winner submitted the Online Entry Form or details by post. The winner will be chosen first, then the runner up prizes.

How will the draw be conducted?
Each entry will be assigned a unique identifier and we will use a random number generator to select a winning entry. A member of one of the main  charities will be present for the draw along with members of the press. The draw of correct entries will be conducted at the offices of the Chartered Institute of Journalism.
We just need your telephone number, which needs to be the same as used in whichever payment you use and your email or address if entering by post. (not everyone has email)
Each correct individual entry is then added to the final draw to be selected by a random number generator. 

If choosing Paid entry - what is the best method of payment?
Our preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer/mobile payment or cheque, purely because more goes into the competition and  less into banking/credit card charges

What if I get the questions wrong?
This is a competition -  please try to make sure that the answer is right to the competition questions. We cannot tell you if it is wrong and we cannot enter you into the winners draw if it is wrong. 

How long should i wait for a confirmation email?
You should receive an email that we have your form. We tally all forms with payments and will only contact you if we cant put your form and payment together. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours on a question or  form being received  -  please check your spam folder. 

Why don't you offer refunds?
Because we need to be sure how the competition is doing and how many entries are in. We cannot be then taking entries off. We would be going backwards and forwards. Our causes are all good ones which help animals and Rainbow Children's Trust which helps families.

Is Orchardton still for sale?
No, it is not for sale whilst the competition is running. It is with Getanoffer who are taking a list of interested parties should the winner not be able to take up the prize but it will definitely not be sold at any price whilst the competition is going on.

Can I enter for free?
If you want to enter free -  You can enter by postcard plus if you buy an entry - you can get a free one by liking and sharing

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