Win a Castle
Competition Closed

This is an estimated but hope  fully accurate breakdown of the prizes on different entry levels reached.

550,000 entries - Hurray!

(Allowing £4.20 per entry (minus credit card or other financial charges Aprox £2,300,000) 

On this the winner will receive the castle, land taxes (only payable on sale not annually! (£250,000 aprox) will be paid on it. No mortgage (currently £625,000) No legal fees.

If won by someone in a Country where taxes are charged on pize winnings -  we will offer a cash prize if they are unable to take up the castle. 

£250,000 will go to the charities. 

Legal fees , competition expenses, advertising etc will come out. 

This is breakdwon number one. More breakdowns for other amounts will be added shortly.

What if only 205,000 entries are sold?

This would equate to around one million pounds.

(Allowing £25,000 for legal costs and fees)

£750,000 would be given as a prize to the lucky winner and £250,000 will split between stopping Yulin (100,000) -  Rainbow Childrens Trust (50,000), Mossburn (£50,000) and other charities.£50,000


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