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Winners - Mini Competitions

The Royal Mini Competition 

Win 1000 Entries

Celebrating the Royal wedding and World Dog Day.

Open till Monday.

Pay £100 - double entries and the chance to win 1000 entries.




You can buy as many entries as you wish.


♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ♝ 


Anyone who did not make the list but bought £25 worth of entries in the last three weeks will still have double entries and double entries will continue for £25 and £100.

£100 COMPETITIONS: Prize is 200 entries (on top of double entries) plus £150 to Stop Yulin dog and cat meat festival.

1)Reid 2)Hyams 3)Otakar 4)Zangerlein 5)Zangerlein 6)Zangerlein 7)Zangerlein 8)Zangerlein 9)Zangerlein 10)Edwards  11)Werner 12)Neese 13)Bergmann 14)Schmitt 15)Kircheis 16)Warkentin 17)Warkentin 18)Hartan 19)Meining 20)Johne .M

Winner: Edwards

1)John.M 2)John.M 3)John.M 4)John.M 5)John.M 6)John.M 7)John.M 8)John.M 9)John.M 10)Windpassinger 11)Davidson 12)Kleen 13)Rostek 14)Rostek 15)Rostek 16)Rostek 17)Rostek 18)Zangerlein 19)Zangerlein 20)Zangerlein

Winner: John M.

£25 COMPETITIONS: Prize is £200  plus £50 for charities

1)Sicka 2)Sicka 3) Shannon 4)Shannon 5) Schretzmeier 6) Geutjes 7) Pfitzner 8) Templer 9) Templer 10) Templer 11)West 12) Goode 13)  NGO 14) NGO 15) Highbury 16) Johnson 17) Chilmaid 18) Guthrie 18) Lucy H. 19) Lucy H. 20) Allen 21) Lenn 22) Pfeiffer 23) Pfeiffer 24) Pfeiffer 25) Pfeiffer 26) Haynes 27) Silverman 28) Silverman 29) Hughes 30)Poulson 31)Poulson 32)Kernahan 33)Bishop 34)Salmon 35)Jack 36)Morrision 37)Murray 38)Murray 39)Wrexom 40)Walsh 41)Albone 42)Manns 43) Brown 44)Crebbin 45)Burto 46)Stone 47)Sellers 48)Batey 49)Battenberg 50)Court 51)Rosen 52)Sweene 53)Pirret 54)Calloway 55)Ayres 56)Adams 57)Adams 58)Pratt 59)Jack 60)Little 61)Dickson 62)McKay 63)McKay 64)Rutherford 65)Simpson 66)Solonatin 67)Veegen 68) Spence 69)Matthews 70)Dudson 71)Dudson 72)Taylor 73)HinchCliffe 74)Sicka 75)Sicka 76)Sicka 77)Zabeltiltz 78)Duguid 79)Craig 80) Rutkowski 81)Blair 82)Holness 82)Polo 83)Fox/William 84)Scarborough 85)Waite 86)Ashworth 87)Chish 88)Orme 89)Danciulescu 90)Lynn 91)Hopegood 92) Hopegood 93)Milliken 94)Kasa 95)Kasa 96)Siouty-Burke 97)Ryll 98)RemBrit 99)Reinhart 100)J.Hope

Winner: Milliken



Congratulations. Wins £200
£50 will be sent to Mossburn farm.

Congratulations. Wins £200
£50 will be sent to RDA Nithsdale.


£1000 mini competition
1 in 100 people spending £100 wins £1000. 

This mini competition will close as soon as it reaches 100 people. One of our causes will also receive £250. The names of the entrants will be on the site so you can see how close you are to the prize. Please note that you need to answer correctly to the puzzle to enter the mini competition. We will have a live draw soon after the 100th person buys the last ticket. You can enter as many times as you like. Please allow 48 hours for your name to show up.

1) Taylor 2) Clarke 3) Fox - Ledger 4) Gillatt 5) Taylor 6) Greig 7)Boaden 8)Hall 9)Broadoak 10)Daley11) Bainbridge 12)Rhodes 13)Rhodes 14)Bookey 15) Timothy 16)Pfeiffer 17)Pfeiffer 18)Tribble 19)Frost 20)Hall 21)Hall 22)Denton 23)Careless 23)Careless 24)Cox 25)Hill 26)Smyth 27)Smyth 28)Fletcher-Price 29)Borhaug 30)Greystone Moore 31)Justice 32)Gordon 33)Miller 34)Bennett 35)Fielding 36)Goodall 37)Austin 38) Hesmondhalgh 39)Charlton-Jones 40)Palmer Van D 41)M.De Vere 42)Smithies 43)Tattersall 44)Sweene 45)McWilliam 46)Macloud 47)Milton 48)Milton 49) Milton 50)Milton 51)Milton 52) Richardson 53) Clarson 54)Wilson 55)Hudson 56)Kirkpatrick 51)Tisbury 52)Zangenberg 53)A.Taylor 54)Horn 55)Reed 56)Taylor AR/AL 57)Hidson 58)Lucy H 59)P.Ric 60)Wright 61)Wright 62)Wright 63)Wright 64)Wright 65) Lyons 66) Brockhurst 67) Brockhurst 68)Brockhurst 69)Brockhurst 70)Brockhurst 71)Brockhurst 72)Arnold D 73)Sedgemead 74)Sedgemead 75)Ford 76)Tyrrell 77)Taylor 78)Lim 79)Sweene 80)Jaumotte 81)Ward 82)Huddow 83)Hall 84)Hall 85)Puxty 86)Marshall 87)D.Lag 88)Nail 89)Nail 90) Nail 91)D.Matthews 92)D.Matthews 93)S.Maxwell 94) S.Maxwell 95)S.Maxwell 96)Weidner 97)D.Hall 98)D.Hall 99)D.Hall 100) Atterby

This is the list for the Mini 100, draw Thursday 6pm BST.

WINNER: T Sweeney

All mini entries also go into the main Orchardton competition to win the castle (£100/ £25 = 20/5 entries in the main draw for the castle) provided the answer to the quiz is correct.

How to enter the mini competitions

1) MAKE A PAYMENT OF £25/ £100 BY:

 UK Direct bank transfer: 
Transfer your competition entry fee to the account:

Account Name: Susan DeVere
Sort Code: 80-45-73
Account Number: 10657161

To make a payment in US Dollars / Euros or Australian Dollars 
Click for account details. All accounts are linked through to competition account in UK.

Mobile Payment: Make a quick payment with Paym, Pingit, Pay a Contact and others. Log in to your existing mobile banking or payment App enter 07825 767670.Your App will confirm your payment has been sent straight away. 

Please do not use Paypal

Cheque: Send it in sealed envelope to  S.DeVere, Orchardton Castle, Auchencairn, Castle Douglas, DG7 1QL

2) Send us your details:

The above credit card box option will also take you answer and Tel. If you used this method of payment, thats all you need do.

Otherwise - Text us your name, method of payment, number of entries, email address and the answer to the puzzle on 07825767670 (normal text or whatsapp) or fill in the entry form

This is a skill competition, based on solving the puzzle correctly.

By filling in the Entry Form you are confirming  that you have made payment first and accepted our terms and conditions

If you have any trouble with payments or entry, please contact us.


3) You will receive an email from us confirming your entries and we will keep you up to date with the mini competitions.


Please share on Twitter and Facebook so we can hit the target, give away the castle and help the animals and Rainbow Children's Trust.

Auchencairn, Nr Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 1QL, United Kingdom
+44 7825 767670
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